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If plans to find a new job, break exhausting relationships or open your own business and remain plans, it is worth going to more decisive measures. COUSHI Dmitry Esner explains how to dare to change in life with the least losses.

The most important question that you should ask yourself if you are standing on the verge of a new life: “Do I really want it?»It is necessary to very clearly separate your desires from the desires imposed from the outside. Do you want to change your job, get married, give birth to a child, or close and public opinion are crushed against you? As a rule, already at this stage you can understand the true desires. Motivation is often absent precisely because at heart you do not need changes. If the desire to change something belongs to you, I recommend that you take several actions for its implementation.

We visualize

When you have decided on true desires, you can proceed to the practice of visualization. Make a list of what you would like to change. Get a higher position, get married

? Imagine that the changes in life have already occurred, and ask yourself questions again. How will you feel? Do you risk something? How the life of loved ones will change? Write down all the emotions and sensations that arise at the thought of fulfilling desires.

You can also use the method of visualization boards. Take a Whatman and with the help of cuts from magazines make a collage that reflects your desires and aspirations. So you will understand what to strive for.

We set goals

The next step is to turn desires into a goal. Take the list of what you want to change and write down the deadline. Break each target into several stages. For example, you want to get an increase at work. What can you do for this now? Talk with the leadership, take on the implementation of an important project that will demonstrate your talents. You may need to get additional skills. Write a step -by -step plan, set the deadlines for the implementation of the planned. It is important to adequately evaluate your strength. If you set the task of losing weight by 15 kg per week, you will not reach the desired.

We begin to act

The word “procrastination” means postponing important and urgent cases for later. Surely you are familiar with the situation when, instead of drawing up an important report, you sat on social networks, walked with the dog and were ready for anything, just not to start fulfilling the duties. Excrustination is dangerous in that it reduces performance and leads to remorse, underestimated self -esteem. To avoid these consequences, you make a step -by -step plan. And it turns out that proceeding to smaller tasks is not as difficult as global. For example, the goal of learning a foreign language can cause panic. But today you can start teaching three foreign words a day.

We leave the comfort zone

To start a new life, you need to get out of the usual cycle of affairs. Most likely, the subconscious mind will sound the alarm, and the inner voice will try to knock down from the true path. This is a normal reaction of the psyche to change. Try to get out of the comfort zone gradually. Go to work with another route, order an unusual dish in a restaurant, spend the weekend alone if you are used to noisy companies. Even such, at first glance, insignificant changes will be an excellent springboard for jumping into a new life.

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